Not quite right... And what about Nitro?


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Jun 21, 2008
Hello everyone,

I am quite experienced with these engines but that doesn't mean I know everything nor do I am I afraid to ask a few questions from all of you.

I am wondering if anybody else finds that some days their engine runs really smooth, like it is well lubed and feels right and other days it still runs fine but sounds angry-er, vibrates more and feels a little dry and well... not like it does the other times!! I always put this down to changes in temp/humidity.

Has anybody else noticed that their engine runs really nice just after they have added oil to a fresh batch of fuel but the next day it runs a little worse and by the end of a 5L (1 gallon) can of petrol it runs noticeably crappier? I didn't think that fuel would spoil that quick, could ethanol have something to do with it?

Finally, I have been researching with keen interest into putting a dash of Nitromethane/Methanol RC fuel into the mix. Does this really give the engine a boost? Many people argued against this possibility based on the theoretical but none of them tried it. Respectable Jemma however did with success... so what is the deal with Nitro fuel?


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Jan 20, 2008
Arizona Bullhead
In my neck of the woods a substantial amount of alcohol is added to convience (circle k, seven eleven, woodys, etc.) store gasoline.
Alcohol will pull water from the atmosphere, I only mix a tankful of gas at a time.
I tried to mix gallons and did not like the way my bike ran.
Go right ahead and try a nitromethane boost.
An rc engine is much better made than a chineeeeese engine.

real carb abc construction better metals.


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Mar 21, 2008
Treasure Coast, Florida
I agree with spad. I only mix my fuel a quart at a time, if I am going for a long ride maybe 2 quarts. This way I get the mix perfect each time and the fuel is fresh. I also use Stabil in my fuel container.