North Dakota Laws on Motorized Bike

Tim Jones

New Member
Mar 2, 2018
So I'm pretty new to all this. Was looking into getting a kit but I decided to check the laws first. Called the DMV and after a few transfers they told me that I wouldn't need to get it registered, licensed, etc. Then I went over to the police station, and they told me over there that I would have to get it registered, and that I would have to have lights, speedometer, etc. Anybody know what the laws are up here in ND? Seems like neither of them really knew...


May 25, 2008
Hey, howdy Tim. Welcome!

Honestly and not advice. But I have given up trying to adhere to all the gray of these. I rode all over in N.Y. state where they are absolutely not legal. Never a problem.

This is advice. Find a member here from your neck of the woods and ask if they ever had a problem. Print out the most favorable to you thing about motor assisted bicycles or how ever your DMV's web site addresses them and keep it on your bike.

For example. Here in CT, the DMV says under 50cc. The motorcycle hand book (from the DMV) says
"...under 5 H.P., it is considered a motor assisted bicycle."

So on my 79cc's, I carried a the motorcycle hand book that covered that. Stopped years ago as no cop has ever stopped me. Mostly they just wave back.

Some folks "Ghost Pedal" But would ask. Remember to check DMV site to double check what ya get from local folks, MBers. It'll still be gray. Not much gov. interest in these so not clear cut, most states.

Except NY. They hate em. And lots of folks ridding em for years trouble free.

Just my thoughts on it.