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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by richie92cb7, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Hows it going everyone, Im Rich for Florida. Im not new to motorcycles, but am new to "motorized gas bikes" and just started researching them... yesterday.
    Im planing a gas bike build with a key objective being performance.
    The bike I bought for the project is GT all terra outpost trail. I have no real knowledge of this bike but its pretty light, appears to have plenty of room for motor kit and only cost me 15 bucks. I like to think its a better place to start the a heavy $100ish dollar wally world bike but who knows? its what i have now.

    I plan on blasting the frame and painting it. Buying some decent light wight wheels, new cassette (8 or 9 spd) and a decent derailleur, getting a shift kit, new brakes. and of course a motor kit. I'll probably buy a china 66cc mill to tinker with and modify up front and reserve my urge to buy a morini until I learn more. This way I can blow 600 bucks more wisely. If I stay interested in this project long enough, i have though about building a shifting morini powered bike however, I don't know enough about all of this yet, or if that's even feasible. Anyway, nice forum guys. Heres my builds foundation:
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    Howdy Rich, welcome.

    Looks like a great foundation and good start.

    Post lots of pics!

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