No Suck Fear

Sidewinder Jerry

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Dec 19, 2011
Rockwood, TN
Well I'm fixing all the little issues with the Sidewinder. One was to replace the now exploded Shimano Tourney M300 rear derailleur with a Sram X4. I noticed the Sram X4 has a lot more drawback tension in the pulley cage. I'm sure that's going to help with the other issue I had.

A couple of days before the Tourney failure I went grocery shopping. There was about a 100 lbs in the pull behind trailer. As I was getting close to a hill I shifted into the small front chainring. Everything was fine on level ground. However as I began to climb the hill well the dreaded chain suck happened. Now I'm sure much of this was due to the weak drawback tension on the cage of the crappy Tourney. Hopefully the Sram X4 solves a lot of that.

Still I'm not leaving things to chance, I installed a anti-suck plate. I purchased a manufactured one but to install it would've ment getting rid of the one side folding double kickstand. Well that certainly wasn't going to happen. Therefore, I spent the day modifying the ASD and the kickstand. Got tired and calling it a day. Will fasten the ASD totally together tomorrow.