No start, carb issues.


May 30, 2012
Hi all,
Ok, it's spring, and as usual, I can't get my ride to fire up. Same problem I seem to have every year. So I'll post some questions, what I did so far, AND mainly I have another carb I bought last year and never used. I was sure the company sent me a 2 stroke model and they would not take it back so I stuck it on a shelf and forgot about it. BUT their site said it was for a 4 stroke and was better.

So... Last year, started by first changing the old gas. NO fire.
Took the carb off, blasted it with carb cleaner, put it all back together, NO fire.
Took it off again, this time more completely took it apart. (First attempt I could not get the bowl off. Got a torque wrench now.)
SOAKED it in carb cleaner, blew dry, re assembled, still no fire.
Bought a brand new carb AND a better spark plug. Not sure which, of those did the trick but it worked, got it running. But by the end of summer it was harder and harder to start up. And now it's spring and nothing. It's not even trying. (however, I did try with last years gas.)

So... I removed the carb, started to disassemble it. For the life of me I cannot remember how to get those jets out. The holes on them are darn near microscopic.
THEN I pulled out that other carb I bought... thinking maybe I should try it? And now I'm stuck. It's totally different. I'm not sure where the throttle goes, or what some little plunger thing does.
Hard to describe so I shot a short video. Have a look... any and all advice is MOST appreciated.

OH... HustonMotorized (they have their own videos) did post a few great suggestions. He said
copy; "I'd offer you drain the tank, remove fuel line and drain float bowl. I keep a spare gas tank around and I'll put some gas w/ stabil in it and connect to carb just to fill carb. Do that every 60 days and you might be good. The additives in gas will gum up and leave a lot of junk in carb bowls. Freezing temps don't help either"

So... how do I just drain the float bowl without removing everything? AND how do I just fill the carb with gas and stabil in it? In an old car we used to just spray starter fluid down the throat. But this is all enclosed.

Additional, I posted all this on one other bike forum I use and already got a few answers. For one thing last year I DID have to adjust the valves. So I'll check that again today.
That plunger part in the video IS sort of a primer, or "tickler."
Still not sure how the throttle hooks up. I might first try to clean the carb I just took off.
But unanswered still is the part about how to JUST fill the carb with fuel and stabil.

Also would it be a better idea to only use that non ethanal gas? Maybe it wouldn't get gummed up in the first place?
By the way, the inside of my carb does NOT appear "gummed up" at all. (Didn't last time either.)