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    Hi there. Im looking to find a really GOOD stretch/ Limo lowrider to moterize and customize. I want it to be a "BEEFY" stretch lowrider. I was about to buy a "Micargi", but read they are really cheaply made bikes with alot of problems. I live in Charleston SC, and havent had much success on craigslist. What I want is a build that is a lowrider with a 4 strokeinternal mount engine. I was looking at the engine: Lifan 125cc Motor Dirt Bike Engine 4 UP. Here is the link:
    I was also going to upgrade the tires to: 24" inch X 4.25" inch: WHEEL with Disc Hub / TIRE / TUBE & NEW 20 TOOTH FREEWHEEL
    Heres the link for that as well:

    Here is also a picture of a a simualar bicicle I was looking at on craigslist but no one responded.

    Really any similar lowrider stretch byciclewould be nice. That is what I need to start with but have no idea who to buy from. Even some custom shops would be nice as long as they are not ridiculous with the price, but I know of none that are local.

    Please HELP!

    here are some other simular styles I was looking at also:

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