New to the forums, looking into a motorized bike for transportation needs

Discussion in 'Motorized Mountain Bikes and Road Bikes' started by paulclawson3, Feb 12, 2012.

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    Feb 12, 2012
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    Hello I'm new to the forums, I plan on purchasing a mountain bike, a 49cc or smaller engine, a engine installation kit. I was wondering what everyone recommends?

    Also I purchased a motorized bike from a scam-artist on craigslist with a recalled engine for $320, and it broke in a week, and of course he didnt refund it and treated me quite rudely. I found these forums and would like to give the motorized bike idea another go.

    So far I've been looking at Honda GX25 and Honda GX35 engines, but I heard they don't hold very much fuel. My route from home to work is about 15 miles one way.

    Was looking into rearview mirrors, good headlights, the hole nine yards I don't want to go cheap. Right now I'm looking at a Kawasaki Mountain Bike. Also if people know where to get the best prices on such items too would be helpful and thank you.

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