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    Hey all. I'm new to the hobby of motorbiking. Got my first bike this summer in June from a guy. Ever since, I've been tinkering with stuff, touching it up, fixing on it, and making it my own. I really like riding it, and will be using it as my main form of transportation since I'm too broke to buy anything else, and can't really go about having any vehicles on my college campus until my 3rd year of college, (just entering my 2nd year in UCSC).

    I became interested in motorbikes when I was looking to buy my own ride I could have on campus. At UCSC, freshmen and sophomores aren't allowed to park cars on campus, so I was looking for an alternative. It wasn't too bad walking around, riding my mountain bike, and using the bus system; however, I would lose a lot of time doing this. Walking was easy, but took a short while if you needed to get across the campus, and took even longer if you needed to go into town. Peddle biking helped some if you needed to get away from the campus since town was downhill, but it was **** trying to pedal back up. The bus system would slow to a crawl sometimes, resulting in those without cars being stranded on campus if the buses slowed or stopped running.

    Then one day I was walking around and I saw a guy riding around in Santa Cruz with a lawnmower motor on his bike. I thought that was awesome, and saw the answer to my cause. After looking into it, I sought out to make one when the summer came. Instead I wan into a guy who was selling his for cheaper than what an actual motor kit cost, so I went for it.

    Been addicted to riding ever since, and I'm probably not gonna look back anytime soon.
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    Hello Berry, welcome

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