new project, new to the forum, this will be my 4th build


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Jul 16, 2018
Orange County, california
Hello all!

As the title suggests i and new tot he forum but have built bikes in the past.

I have done a beach cruiser (Costco), mountain bike (an old Specialized Stumpjumper)and a road bike (brand new Pure fix original fixed gear). all with some variation of the China Girl 2 stroke engine. i used them primary to commute on and as such was running them at WOT or near to it in LA traffic. the beach cruiser's welds broke, the Stumpjumper for stolen and the fixie had constant engine issues (this one was also used the most, 15 miles each way, WOT for 90% of the ride, lane splitting down big LA streets. Side note:Norm at Venice beach motorcycles helped me out a ton on my last build so shout out to Norm!

My plan for this next bike is to use a steel frame fixed gear bike once again as this was the most stable at speed. i will add a suspension front fork and a front disk brake set up, and using a rim brake on the rear.

I have joined here so as to gain your collective wisdom. the areas in which i would like to apply this wisdom and experience are as follows:

who is making the best engines these days? the high end 2 stoke kit on gasbike (thunder shark pro racing engine) is appealing because it has a neat head design that i think will help in the hot climate of southern California, it has a fancy ported cylinder for more torque and awesomeness, and gasbike SEEMS to be the most trusted online resource. I am open to a custom build engine from a local builder, a good recommendation on an engine kit (like maybe the one mentioned above), or building my own "perfect" engine on the bench. i would like to build my own from scratch but figure its more money to buy all the parts then it is to buy a complete engine.

What is the frame in the mountain bike/road bike scene? i would might go back to the same fixie frame i used before but the frame from pure cycles / pure fix is a little narrow. I had to grind off 1/8 of an inch from the inside of crank and the pedal axles to clear the engine. Also, the left side seat stay was crazy close to the chain coming off the drive sprocket and made me worry about wearing through that seat stay. as it would rub a bit... follow up question would be how to best clearance rear seat stays.

at any rate i'm excited to be here and to be starting to build again. thanks for reading!


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Jul 16, 2018
The question as always; Are you more interested in building, maintenance and frustration? Or are you more interested riding?
To remain legal and improve gas engine pedal assist's reputation, a fixie is out!
A full range of gears pedaling with the speed of the engine must be employed.
Friction drive allows extremely low build times, extremely low maintenance and extremly low frustration. It also allows a Rohloff speed hub with legal pedal assist and health rewards.
Scream around on a 2 stroke single speed piece of frustrating junk, or ride tomorrow maintenance free, shifting gears and riding the original intention of motorized bicycles.
Remember to stay legal and compete with ebikes fot access to bike paths we must buils gas engine pedal assist bicycles, not pitiful motocycles on weak bike frames.