New pipe adapted on..67cc


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Dec 28, 2007
Duvall, WA PNW
Not too shabby....I think I nearly peed myself - sucker is WAY quicker. 25mph - UPHILL in third gear. I was going too fast in 5th, and my wheels are not balanced I didn't even shift into 6th and there was still gobs of was hard to even look down at the speedometer.....40 mph.....I need new tires bad.

What I did this cycle:

1) Ported intake and exhaust. All lips cut, all manifolds matched, all gaskets large. Special attention paid to making the exhaust manifold very smooth. I should have taken pictures.

2) Installed a pocketbike expansion chamber. Made brackets, etc.

3) Installed Amsoil air filter. Kinda blew this one, will do it differently next time - it's not a direct fit so I had a learning curve on this one. Removed too much of the mounting flange. Drilled two holes to use stock mounting holes in carb and sealed with blue RTV.

4) Installed high perf front chain guard. Chain guard will come with kit.

First of all - it is louder. In fact, pretty loud. Hmm....but someone said it's only 67cc and rough and stuff. Mine now goes plenty fast. :D:eek:

I'm gonna stick pic files in the Photos section.