new member with a different build


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May 29, 2018
Hello all, I have been lurking this forum for about a month and have gathered a lot of valuable information. But I figured I should join and eventually start a dedicated threat to my current build. Although I no this forum is dedicated for bicycles, the project I am currently working on is a motorized Deer kart. I have searched all over the Internet and can't really find any one else who has attempted this. I am using a 2 stroke stihl trimmer engine with a chain and a sprocket set up being driven by 20" spoke wheels. So although it is not a bicycle, I will be utilizing a lot of the same components that you guys use for your bicycles. I am currently at work and don't have any pictures taken yet but will take some soon. If someone could direct me to the right Sub forum or category to post my build that would be great. I don't want to post my build thread in the wrong place and have it taken down. I am glad I found this site and hope that the members with more experience than me can give me some pointers on a couple different aspects of the build that I am not sure of. So thanks to all and I hope my build will be enjoyable for of you guys.


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Dec 29, 2008
Welcome aboard! Sounds kool post it maybe in, motorized trikes, recumbent's , tandem bikes. Could of used one years ago when i was still hunting, dragged many a deer on a cart ( my dad made )long ways in the woods..............Curt