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Apr 21, 2020
Hello, my name is Marlon and its a pleasure to be here with you guys!

Well, since the covid started, my money has been dropping, and i decided to buy a motorized bike, and make some deliveries to Uber eats (a chinese kit, and i think the term is "china girl").

Well, the kit came Full of problems (i think its normal by what i've been seeing here and there, and i started to learn mechanics, to use It better and make some money in the process..

Now, i've damaged the exaust studs (lots of Tork, and bought another kit...

Now, the questions!

1 - Here in Brazil we only have the chinese kits, and beber thought that internationally the motorized bike was a "thing". There are brands that sell better kits?

2 - Here in Brazil (again) se only have two YouTube references in motorized bikes, so i cant learn much more than i already know. Can you show me some channels, books, forums, and such, that show those things?

3 - Before exploding my studs, there were a mass pressure, gas, and hot oil leakage (not enough torque in studs, and maybe a defective Head Seal, and a carburetor float that came with a hole) so, i bought a "gasket maker" (loctite 598) and solved my problems for a short while. What are the reasons behind these Head leakages? Can i chnage the aluminum Head gaskets for a loctite one, can i put some loctite IN the aluminum, can i make a gasket with a gasket paper, and pulverize some copper gasket spray (is it good? Never saw It, nor know How to use!). What is the recommended torque in the four Head studs? Why should i trade those acorn nuts, for normal ones (saw some people saying that here)

4 - Have you guys used any "thread repair kit" in these motors? Does It work THAT well? How can i discover my thread size? saw lots of people saying that their threads are m6, but Mine seem to be a m8 (First time knowing these terms)

5 - Any of you used a dínamo that uses the motor Power, to charge a battery? I Just want to mount some lights in the bike, so i could charge them by day, and use by night.

6 - Are those aluminum bike frames, that come with a gas tank installed any good? Any bad experiences?

7 - First time post in ANY forum for my entire life, please, be kind hahahahah

8 - Thank you guys, i am waiting anxiously for your answers, because im in a bad situation here! Take care yall, and no covid for anyone!

Tom from Rubicon

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Apr 4, 2016
Rubicon, Wisconsin
You are welcome Coroli, it seems nearly everyone goes cheap on the first build. Not a bad thing, the less invested the less lost if you don't like it. Post photos and you will get more reply's.

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
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Let's see-
Lot's of kits available, most will need tinkering.
YT? Who need that? You've got! A lot of things I see on YT are the blind leading the blind.
Head gasket leak...get a new one (they're cheap) and spray some copper gasket maker on both sides if you feel like that will help. Torque the new one down evenly, and follow torque specs (15ft/lbs) Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
Thread repair kits work- Helicoil it.
Lights....better off using a battery powered light if you want real lights that you can see something with.
Aluminum frames with the tank- Dunno.
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