New G8 belt drive with free-wheeling/coast gear problems running.

Harry Coddington

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Sep 5, 2019
Hi, I just blew up my old original Bike Berry 49cc huasheng 4-stroke motor that I bought in 2015-ish and installed it on my '79 Schwinn Cruiser-5. It lived a good life!

I just bought a new G8 49cc with the belt drive transmission and the sprague(?sp) gear so it coasts downhill without backfiring.

I installed it in a few hours and took it out! It was a monster! Was easily the fastest, strongest running, 4-stroke I'd ever ridden, by far! SO, I took it out in my area of Maine, riding around lakes and some beautiful rural riding areas here.

I was riding for an hour or two tops, but I noticed this thing was getting weaker and weaker as I rode it and by the time I was pulling it up my street that's on a pretty good incline and it could barely make it up my hill, when before it was so fast, I couldn't even pedal fast enough to help it in 4th gear!

I saw a video on YouTube about cleaning the little black plastic jet, which I did, but it's still running like a total dog! I'm so saddened because this is my only transpo, as I'm disabled and don't drive.

I noticed my air filter too, was soaked with gas and it kinda seemed like the oil that I drained after the first ride was thin and kinda smelled gassy. Plus, after only an hour or two that oil was completely black and not as viscous as it seemed when I put it in(10W-30).

If anyone could point me in the right direction or even give me the number of someone that could help, I'd be very appreciative!

Thanks in advance!
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