New Engine Blues


Oct 15, 2016
After having a new engine bottom jam(bicyclemotorworks) from shrapnel I went ahead an purchased a cheaper version from gasbikedotnet. This one has a 3rd transfer port and comes with a Keihin clone and Reed valve. Aside from the manifold hose being ridiculously short, I replaced, I'm having a hard time getting over 2000 rpms I mean I know I'm breaking it in and am on second gallon but still there feels like there's some type of restriction. I did a compression test and it did 97 psi. The old green motor from BMW did 140 psi and reved to 5500 rpm to max @ 40mph with a 26 tooth on 700c's. The gasbike motor is set up the same. So since there's an intake leak I went ahead and broke down the intake, this is what I found. I'm no expert but it looks like another crappy job that I got to buy heh. I'm upset and already contacted the seller with these same photos so I'll keep posting. All I asked for is another jug as to me from the little I know it looks like it may not be salvagable but regardless i'm within the 30 days and it only has 6.6 hours of less than 2000 rpms. Also looks like the piston is already getting scratches like if it had many hours run time. IDK what do you guys think?