New electro.


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
Okay I bought a big mountain bike for parts, and I got a few usable things off it. I took off the rear brake because the brake handle was broke. I bought a replacement brake for it then decided to switch out wheels. I can use the 26" tire on my huffy electro.

Since I had the 24" coaster wheel, I stuck it on the Big mt bike. So I still have the front hand brake, and now a rear coaster brake. The mtb chain did poorly on the coaster sprocket but the coaster chain seems to work okay the mtb crank.

The electro is a friction drive hybred. The big crank on the mt bike pulls the 24" wheel really good and fast too. So as a hybred it will work very well i think. I put the 350 watt friction drive which I made from a scooter motor onto the rear wheel. It took a little trial and error to get the mounting right but it looks good enough. I have to go to atlanta to a funeral tomorrow but friday I'll give it a try. I love electric bikes if they would come up with a low cost battery system I would be in heaven. At the moment I am lugging 2 lawn tractor batteries on a trailer. I can't slip on the bike trail like i did with the sla batteries but this should have more charge than the sla.
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