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Mar 26, 2012
Texas, USA.
Starting a new build but concerned w a few issues. This will be my 3rd bike build but first cruiser with gear shifter and hand brakes one the handle bars. Do you just move the shifter and brake handles down to make room for clutch and throttle? I'll look for answers on youtube too but this site was a great help with my first bike. Ill include a picture of the new bike and the two cruisers I already made. Thank you.



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May 25, 2008
That's what I have done a lot, Felix. Just move it up. Could get a long thumb throttle and use that, but I don't think it's worth it. Once you're setting it up, you'll see what you prefer.

Doing a couple of builds now and found my favorite throttle. "Dual Brake Twist Throttle Kit" They are around 20 bucks. Really prefer 'em. pics;

A lot of folks don't like em. Ya often hear people concerned that if that brake fails, you're in a bad way. But I have never broken a brake handle unless I crashed. Too late then anyway, snork. But is on the right side so chances are even at rest on the kickstand, it's gonna fall to the left. Then it would break the clutch handle.

Aside from cleaning up the bar, I like the look and simplicity of them. Ones I've had are a little better quality than regular kit actuators.

Ride safe and post lots of pics!

Hey, just thunk'ed. For the 3rd build, you're not gonna try a 4 smoke? Not as pretty, sporty looking and a PITB to pedal. (ya kinda gotta "duck pedal") But really like the sound, longevity, reliability and grunt power of 'em.

But know lots of folks who built dozens of 2 strokers and not one 4. All about what ya enjoy. Just askin'
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