New build for daily use


Sep 15, 2012
Bellingham WA
A reliable daily driver for that kind of distance I would go with a 4 stroke kit that has a good transmission system. I'm sure that bike would be fine as long as the motor fits. Make sure your tube clamps have a lot of surface area so you don't crush the aluminum for whichever set up you use. I had a good clamp set up like that on my 2 stroke aluminum frame and had no problems. Sold the bike and he broke the mount and changed it out for one with no surface area and 2 weeks later it was half sawed through the frame


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Nov 28, 2012
sf bay area
I ride the 212cc 4-stroke daily and it's nice. One thing you'll want to do is get a bigger tank; at least 1gal. It will reduce the number of times you'll run out of gas and the amount of time you'll spend answering all the questions of non-mb people.. Which takes a ton of time believe me.


Nov 3, 2015
Nova Scotia
I drive my 66cc or 48cc 2 stroke to work. 46 kms round trip shortest way.
20 miles? Nothing to it! You can do it on a 2 stroke easily.

Buy a $50 good quality used bike and install the $150 engine.
Use good 2 stroke oil at 32:1 and make sure the chain tensioner is mounted properly.
Carry a few tools and an extra plug, check all you fasteners after every ride.

Aug 26, 2015
Overgaard AZ
My last ChinaGirl did a 50 mile commute, til it's untimely demise from a broken wrist pin clip. Pick up a kit from That's Dax, slap it into a huffy Cranbrook, and rock on. Lurk around, use the search function, and please, please, please, use full and coherent sentences. I post from a phone, always, and you will never see "2" in place of "to" or "too". This is a web forum full of good information, please do not muddy the search function with needless numbers. A newcomer like yourself, typing "2 stroke" will find this thread, which won't help.

Not trying to be grammar cop, but writing like that detracts from your intelligence. 2 is a pair, an equal number, 1+1. U do not need 2 do this, n e more than I. There's not many kids here, prepare to adult please.