New Bike Bug Motor Owner from the PNW.

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bikebugged, Mar 27, 2018.

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    Hello all,

    Longtime motor bicycle/moped fiend. Been loving on bikes and mopeds since the mid 70's, but haven't had one in ages.

    Picked up a 70's vintage Free Spirit Bike and motor, the bike isn't really anything I"m interested in, but the motor I'd really like to put on an old Schwinn or maybe an early mountain bike.

    Looking for like minded souls, to share resources, info, etc.

    Already been on the "Tanaka Tales" webpage, not finding what I'm looking for there. A guy in TX has parts, but probably has less interest in your project than anybody I've ever met when you get into a special nitch like this...

    Hopefully this place is a little bit more fun.

    Here's the Free Spirit as pictured in the Craisglist ad where I found it. One owner bike, garage kept. The motor is really in amazing shape, except for all of the usual dried up things in the fuel system.

    The bike is a 1978 Sears Free Spirit 24" Ten Speed, with bars turned around as a chopper, almost cool...

    The motor's been taken off, cleaned up and ready for the next phase, which is to get it running and motoring a bike again.


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    Howdy & welcome to the clubhouse!!
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    Hello! How's it running now? I put one of the new ones on my fat tire electric so that I don't have to put out my cigarette & pedal on hills.
    I got it running after fighting with it now I'm hearing a bit of a rattle. Motor was not cheap. IMG_20180918_065825.jpg

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