New 66cc won’t start. Help!


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Jul 27, 2019
Was stoked last month when I picked up a stretched beach cruiser with a motor. The engine was seized which I freed up and got running. The piston let go where I chose to purchase a new engine opposed to an entire kit. The GT6 pro racing engine showed up from in a damaged box. I contacted them where they said to assemble and let them know if there was any issues from shipping. Out of the box I can not get it running. Here is what I have done.

Reused head gasket from old engine die to new one being bent.

Tried both new plug and old from the engine that ran.

Replaced fuel valve and added inline filter.

Started with gas to oil mixture 1 gal to 7 oz. have since switched to 5oz to 1 gal.

Purchased and installed new CDI. Verified spark by putting a drill on magnet with clutch in and plug on head.

Fuel is dripping out of exhaust and plug is wet.

Tried new carb and old from the engine that ran.

Checked key on magnet and is at 1 o’clock.

Tried new and used magnito.

Disconnected kill switch.

Tried GT6 head and the one that comes with the engine.

Verified arrow is pointing at exhaust.

Readjusted engine so carb is more level.

Please help!!

How fast do I need to pedal and how long to get a new engine running? It’s hot and flat here in SoCal and I need to get this thing running so I can drink beer and admire my creation!