NEED help With real hub mount.

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    Jul 12, 2019
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    Hello everybody I am new to the world of motorized bikes. This is my first post to this forum so please excuse me if I am not following the proper etiquette for posting. Alright so my situation is im rebuilding an old scooter i bought from a yard sale and i need a new back rim. The rim size is a 16 inch kids bicycle rim which makes finding a proper sprocket mount difficult. The last owner used a crappy mount with bolts that bent and distorted the old rim. I want to install a hub mount but i'm finding that many come in the size 1 inch, or 1.5 inches. now i've order a new rim from amazon but i don't know if any of these mounts will fit the 16 bike rim axle.
    Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your time

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