naked came the stranger


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
here you go... we can do naked came the biker and make a ton of money.

If you don't remember a dozen writers got together and wrote a book. Each one wrote a chapter and they combined it and published it under some pen name. Book was a flop but they had fun//// LOL

Ill be this thread gets a lot of people looking


Custom MB Buiilder
May 7, 2008
Houston, Texas
Ah hem no one reads anymore, lets make a epic movierotfl The script was handed to me @ about 17. Boy meets girl, boy hides motorbike behind girls house while her daddy is working at night. Girls mom is passed out in front room. Daddy comes home way early. Boy tries to explain riding motorbike wearing nothing but underwear, and boots to Police while sitting on clothes.

It has humor,sex, almost violence(^) Man I wish I was 17 again. Later Tramp(c)