My planned Astra 29er build

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    I've been lurking for about a month doing my research so I thought it time to finally register and lay it out for feedback.

    I do have one particular constraint, my left hand was ran through a table saw in a oopsie over in the sandbox and doesnt work very well any more. What works on the hand is my thumb, most of my index finger, and my pinky. The ring and 3rd finger either arent there or are too mangled to use.

    I'm a tinkerer by nature and work in the electronics/avionics area.

    I want to use the bike to commute to work, which is 25 miles one-way so I need an absolutely reliable bike. I dont mind spending a few extra bucks to boost reliability.

    At any rate on to the build, what it is and what I plan to do to it:

    - Genesis Astra 29er, I like the looks and feel of the bike.
    -- Big apple tires, puncture resistant tube, thornproof liner, slime.
    -- Shimano 7 speed megarange freewheel
    -- KMC 8X chain
    -- Dual pull brake lever (modified for stop light switch)
    -- Shimano indexed grip shifter on left handlebar
    -- Front shock absorber forks out of a Genesis 29er mountain bike.
    -- Upgraded V brake pads.
    -- Stainless steel fenders.
    -- Aftermarket 48 hole front and rear hubs? (Undecided, recommendations?)

    - Sportster style deep tunnel 2.1 gallon gas tank. The gas tanks that come with the standard kits are an abomination and shouldnt be allowed anywhere near a motorized bicycle frame.

    - Huesheng 49cc 4 Stroke w/ 5/8" shaft output
    -- Rotary valve carb
    -- Smoothwall stainless flex pipe feeding a briggs 5hp muffler, flexpipe encased in Jegs thermal heat sleeving.

    - SBP 4 Stroke Shift Kit
    -- HD front freewheel

    - 4G T Belt drive 5:1 ratio
    -- Solid pulley
    -- Whopper Stopper Stage III Cent Clutch
    -- Clutch bell bushing bearing conversion with 15x20x4mm shielded ceramic bearings. (if I can find them, 13x20x4mm if I can't)

    - Electrical (my forte)
    -- Retro style hooded headlamp.
    -- Running lights, stop lights, turn signals, horn.
    -- Wind two coils with 20AWG and silicon steel lamination backings to use the magneto magnet to generate power, like a axial generator. Much more efficient use of available magnetic flux. I'm going to have to experiment with the wire guage to see what kind of voltages I get.
    -- Each coil feeds its own full wave rectifier and PI filter, milspec zener diodes regulate output to a max of 28 volts. Both coil arrays feed a 2200uf capacitor through blocking diodes. Having two separate rectifiers and filters is for redundancy.
    -- Two parallel buck/boost circuits (redundancy) converts variable coil assembly voltages to 13 volts and feed a 3500uf capacity capacitor - which then in turn feeds the light systems.

    - Paint
    -- Two part polyurethane paint, Epifanes marine paint. Its the toughest paint I know of, even tougher than epoxy paint.
    -- Paint it OD green and put an army interrupted circle-and-star on the gas tank. I'd like it to resemble the old WWII 125cc Royal Enfield "flying flea" battlefield utility motorcycles as best I can.

    - I havent decided on a seat yet, recommendations?

    So what do you think? Anything I miss?

    Its the best/most durable motorized bike I can think of. If anybody has any recommendations to make it better I'd love to hear it.
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    I should have said its the best motorized bicycle I can think of, without throwing crazy money at it like an italian motor or pure titanium chains, etc..

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