My Kent/PK80 Current & Future


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Mar 19, 2017
So I posted my bike on the introduction thread but here's a pic in case you missed it, you're going to have to click it:

I wanted to get a thread going on the evolution of my bike. Kind of like a bike diary.

I plan on a lot of things but my kids and bills come first. In the meantime here are some of the aspirations:
1. Reed valve job and bearing overhaul
2. Full lighting (tail light, brake light, turn signals, ect.)
3. High compression head - painted red
4. 36t sprocket with hub clamp - painted red
5. Various "motor assisted bike not more than 49cc" stickers/decals
6. The rim imager thing that runs custom images via Bluetooth from your phone
7. Bluetooth sound system.
8. Racing carb - red
9. LED valve caps - red
10. LED strips illuminating engine and bottom of bike - red
11. Gas tank decals - various
12. 49cc chrome decal for side of engine

I want to eventually have a very showy bike that performs good and has all the bells and whistles but realistically I'd never really go over 30mph unless on the circle track.

So here's the unfortunate part. The sad reality...
What I actually have:
- Kent Bayside stock bike. Steel frame with lots of room.
- PK80 engine
- speed carb
- CNC Thrust muffler
- 41t pineapple clamp sprocket
- custom red and black paint on engine + components
- prismatic coat over everything to give rainbow effect in direct sun
- dual brake lever

All in all not a bad start. I'm going to get new brakes as my front caliper failed due to user error. (Overtightened in frustration)
I'm looking into hydraulic caliper brakes or a really good set of your regular caliper brakes. I like a smooth long stop and keep good distances. The key is to just take it easy with them. I'll probably be criticised but I don't care. I've flown off the front of many a bike that had disc brakes...