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    after a few months of tinkering and trying to work things out without ordering too many parts this is the results of my first build.

    it started with a $25 huffy I bought at a garage saleI added fenders of an old bike I got from a scrapper so now I had a pretty solid little bike for to run to the store and back so this winter I ended up buying a kit with a 66cc 2 cycle "mega motor" from one of your sponsors the magneto came unsoldered on the maiden voyage one of the few things I did have to buy online

    well anyways here's some pictures tell me what you think

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    Looks good to me and it's a nice first build... especially if it runs and gets you where you need to go. Yeah the ignition system on these does leave a lot to be desired but once you get the magneto case cover sealed and waterproofed, the stock spark plug boot replaced, and zip tie mount the CDI unit with a piece of rubber from an old grip or a cut up innertube to help isolate the vibes and it'll be pretty reliable system.

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