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    about a year ago I started my adventure into motorbiking and its been a rough experience which I am about to go question to anyone reading this is what can I do to my next build to improve my next bike?

    I got my kit from bike berry and it sat for almost 2 months in my apartment before being put on a Wal-Mart cruiser. I took my bike to a guy who has done almost 400 bikes and it looked like a half decent job. He took 6 hours to put it on there and it rode nicely till I got a block home and found out he didn't tighten up the carb. I got that tightened and rode around for almost 25 miles and then the coaster went out but did some homework and got a better coaster break. After that I had the same guy try to put it on and broke some barings and he rebuilt the wheel which is holding up but now the engine wont turn over.

    I wanna try building one from scratch with little help from him cause one part of me don't trust his work and another part of me dosent trust the engine I bought. now that I can transfer some of my parts over I wanna try a motor from dax sense his are American made. With the engine I have now I can practice porting the engine and learn to clean them up and improve there performance with practicing porting and tuning the engine.

    So really I have three questions.

    1. do the engines really break down that quick?

    2. is it my lack of experience that may make my adventures with thies bikes matter enough?

    3. What can I do for my next build to improve the quality of my engine and make it more of a "lots of riding and less work" Kind of ride?

    I like to ride a lot rather then work on my engine but I wouldn't mind doing some homework. Hope to read this in the morning! :-||
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    There is a break in period with re tighten everything. And locktight on exhaust bolts and engine mounts. I am in the learning phase myself and this is my observation. Your bike is probably going to be fine and have somebody else look over it if you dont feel comfortable. Pictures would help. Thats what they tell me too....
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    This is just the thoughts of guy that's 'been around the block a couple of times'......

    Judging by your post, it doesn't sound like you've had much luck with your 'mechanic'. Maybe you should try another one? Or, if you'd like to do more of the work yourself, you might consider going with an electric bike --- they seem to be a lot more user friendly for the less mechanically inclined. That should equal more riding/less tinkering.

    Good luck in whichever path you decide to follow!!

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