My Dumpster FIND! will it work?

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    Instead of using old innertubes to insulate and enlarge the tube for mounting, I used a piece of old radiator tubing. The rubber is better quality and much thicker. I noticed that when I would tape up the innertube, the gas that would leak out of the carb wolud mess em up and the would fail. My back mount did this and was loose and caused my frame to crack by the front mount. When I fixed the mount with radiator hose, the frame broke completely. Now I'm trying to find a new frame. I found an old western flyer on craigslist that has the headlight/tank on it. But the guy doesn't answer me.

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    Lead sheet works great.

    Most bikes like the OP's don't require any kind of spacer though.
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    I took a couple of those thin frame bikes and replaced the front and rear wheels. They made nice bikes of course I no longer have any of them. Bikes tend to become organ donars around me.

    Glad you are all ready to go now. Welcome to the madness...
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    I understand what you're saying about being 25 and trying to attract the female's eye.
    That's just normal for 25. The best you will do is use the bike for a "flirt prop" to bring
    them to you and chat them up some and get their number. In most states you aren't
    allowed to have more than one rider on these.

    Girls are intrigued with things guys build expecially if the guy is cool and has good social
    skills. If he's too nerdly or geeky, well there's always that little green eyed red headed girl
    with the freckels down the block I guess. ;)

    But if you want that machine to be a chic magnet then you'll have to figure what group of
    girls you want to play to. With that being an otherwise "English Bike" you could do a total
    clean up on it and just find a tennis racket to pack along with you and ride thru the park.
    You'll attract some girls with that. Or place a basket on the front and take pack with your
    swim gear to the beach or pool. (and park far from the kiddie pool so you don't attract the
    attention of little boys who want to touch things)

    If you have something fixed up that really draws attention you'll likely draw in all those girls
    who want to stand by something that attracts attention to THEM. You know the posers
    and beauty queens.

    You could always carry a sketch pad and pencils and attract some artistic girls.

    But I think my best advice would be to just get your first build together and learn from it now
    and stay with the board here and get a feel for what you would like to build next that could
    be your statement about motorbicycling and your place in it. Could it be a cruiser, a board
    track replica, something vintage, or perhaps a continental electric bike ?
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    I bought a Schwinn Legacy at Target for $105. Now to the engine mounted nicely on the large down tube.

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    I Gave A Gurl A Ride On My Pedal Bike Many Yrs Ago. When She Got Off, She Said; Thats A Nice Boys Bicycle. I Said It Is Not A Boys Model. Unsigned.
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    Dirty old man...............

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