My China Bike


minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
I have decided that I have too many bikes. As most of you know I have shifted my attention to DIY bikes. Since that is the case I am thinking about selling my China Bike. So let me give you the good the bad and the ugly of it.

The Good:

It's a tv star.

It has low milage.. I only run errand on it so it has been very few miles. Less than 500 for sure.

It starts and runs very well.

The kit has a coaster brake rear wheel 26".. A 26" front wheel with hand brake.

The bad...

The bike was built from a hank of hair and a piece of bone held together with spit and wire. But I would ride it anywhere I want to go.

Everything on the bike kit is stock except the clutch lever. It is a simple brake lever non locking.

The throttle is a rigged up shifter that should be replaced.

I do not have a current photo and my digital camera is broken.

It could use a good washing to be honest.

The ugly has to be the captain america gas tank that I painted myself. I like it but you probably won't.

At the time of this video it has a 24" front wheel it has been replaced with a 26" MyFox WGHP | Roy's Folks: 150 MPG Motorized Bicycle

So how much am I asking for this jewel in the rough. The kit was less than 150. The bike and various changes to it probably about fifty bucks. Other misc costs in getting the bike to work properly is another fifty...

So $200 and it's yours. The down side... You have to come to High Point NC to get it. Come up and ride it cause it is not warranted. Too much can go wrong by the new owner.

I would love to sell it to someone who would enjoy it and knows how to take care of one of these bikes. I don't want to see it come back with a blown engine from the wrong fuel mixture.

I know the pick up clause is a pain but I really want to see it gone at this price. I'm not a bike builder just like to ride them.