My bike broke and I need advice on a new frame


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Sep 24, 2016
Hello my name is Jay, after watching people ride their motorized bikes around town I wanted one.
I put a four stoke engine kit on a Royal Enfield bike and for two months and quite a few miles had a great time.
Pulling out of an intersection just reaching full speed I just shut down the throttle to idle and coast for a while the seat moved. Thinking the seat adjustment came loose I put my weight to the rear of the seat and put more weight on the pedals about then the handle bars started pitching down. I then realized the severity of the situation seeing the down tube broken off at the steering neck, luckily I got the bike stopped without any further excitement the front sprocket was just starting to drag on the road.
So I would like some advice on frames, is there a favorite frame that longtime builders favor?
Thank you,
Jay Llewellyn
Jan 21, 2015
Portland, Oregon
If you're going for a mountain bike, the older models of the trek 820 with 20-21" frame are great. But generally any decent steel frame will work. I'm guessing you had an aluminum frame. Aluminum does not fatigue well.