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    I'm conceptually thinking...

    Wanna be within the rules of Motorized Biking in my state(Pa)(automatic trans/49cc) but at the trail head switch to "trail mode"

    I have a donor MTB and an engine, a Honda Z50 4 stroker. I plan to run only one gear and adjusting my final gearing(sprockets) to allow me to use just one gear in the engine for on road use, no highways just back roads, thus basically making it an auto trans.

    Then with shifter in hand, bolt it at the trail head for more useful hill climbing, off road use as a 3speed. Not too worried about being able to reach the shifter as the engine is not a rocket and won't require a lot of shifting on the trails, not racing or really trail riding, just wanna putt around do a little trail work more or less.

    I am already used to the Z50 engine as it is in a junker motorcycle that I use to get around the trails now, but as you can imagine it is way undersized bike for me, and has to be loaded up in a vehicle to get it to the trail head!

    Basic steps of bolting up the engine are no problem, then the task of having to think of drive train or connection to make this happen are next.

    ... thus completing my ultimate plan, to commute to the trail head, ride the trails, and ride home on the same machine, will allow me to do trail maintenance on our local mt bike trails, with an engine is so docile and quiet it won't turn soil much more than a Mt bike!

    Any help, thoughts, criticism, and responses much appreciated

    MTB Moto

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