motorized bicycle vibration


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Mar 5, 2008
Re: take a tip...leave a tip

Well,some of the of the disparaging remarks directed at my little China girl concerning vibration may have been uncalled for.Seems my cruiser handlebars should have been taking some of the heat.Yesterday I filled my handlebars with lead slugs and rubberized caulk and the difference is unbelievable.I can now break right through that 27MPH vibration barrier and damn near make something out in my mirrors.I heard about this on a motorcycle forum and there are actual products for this purpose on the market.Some guys said they had good luck just filling the bar with caulk and I suppose sand might help but I don't think anything can touch lead.Without a doubt the easiest way would be to get a bag of lead bird shot and just pour it in there."Easy" rules it out for me.I cast some 5/8" slugs out of old wheel weights and loaded them up.Adds up to a lot of weight but man what a difference.Now I'll probably fry my motor running on the top end.Ron