motorized bicycle flat tires


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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
you ever notice it is always the rear tire that gets a flat. here their is a lot of glass and everything else to puncture your tires and they are always the rear one and with my set up you have to break the chain down to take the tire of and repair it. i tried to order the solid tubes on line from walmart and they are not available online and only in stores and their is no wally world down here in the Caribbean. i ended up getting some green slime and filled the tire with that and then added air. that was about 400 miles ago and i have not had a flat since and it was a weekly thing. since i added the slime i have pulled a good size thorn out of the tire with no air loss. the slime here in the virgin islands was about 9 bucks for a small bottle and to me it worth 20. having problems with flats fill your tires with some slime. the stuff works