motorized bicycle chain (removing and adding chain links)
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Dec 23, 2007
Kalamazoo, MI
as i said before i do not like using master links. the pictorial i am about to do will show you how to remove and add links without the use of the master link.
only tool you will need is a link removing tool. don't buy a cheap one. get a park or even a small motorcycle one. the cheap ones can't handle the 415 chain and bend. the chain i am doing here is an old one i had laying around and a little rusty but will show you how to do it.

1. the first picture is just a picture of the tool and chain i will be demonstrating with

2. second picture is showing how you set the chain in the tool so that when you turn the lever the pin pushes the chain pin to release chain bearing cover. the trick here is you just make a very small around quarter of a turn on the tool. you just want the pin to push thru the chain link cover.

3. third picture is the chain cover being removed.

4. forth picture is pushing the bearing link thru.

5. fifth picture is the chain separated and you have a master link to put it back together

now you just repeat the process taking out as many links as you need. save the pieces as you can see is you have a master link you can throw in your bag as a spare or if you loose your master link this is a great way to make one with extra chain you may have. to put back together just do the above steps in reverse pushing pin with your tool back into the chain bearing cover. hope this helps


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