Motorised Bicycles in the UK.


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Dec 6, 2008
I finally completed my bike! Sorted the clutch problem out, and after a gearing issue, the bike runs fantasticly. Although without peddles, it handles the hills extremely well!

I thought I'd speak to the police, before i go nuts on the road, as im only 16, and don't wanna destroy my license before i even get it!

So, i spoke to the policeman, who knew vaguely about a law about go-peds, but was totally unsure. Passed me onto another officer, who said the same, and gave me a number to call. Called said number, and the guy was also unsure, (although he recommended i didnt do it). Again, he passed me on, and i got no answer. So I've emailed.

I know the electric bikes in the UK are legal (with a <250W cont, 15mph limit), but what about engines?
Although i've used a 64cc Seagull (man, those things cannot be killed!), she maxes out at 15mph~, as i cant rev her any more, and i like the accel as it is.

So it seems like she's is legal (i put a 35cc + model number sticker, from another engine), and it looks almost genuine, although the block is pretty big.

I can't seem to find laws anywhere, and i don't want to pay. But its not a huge mode of transport, i'll be getting a proper bike in 5months, it was just a project.

Can anyone prove a good source for the laws, so i can print them, and show the policeman, before i get pulled.

I don't want to risk it, and hopefully you guys know better than me.

Thanks in advance,