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    So, about 2 months while riding my awesome Chinese powered beast..... the stupid carburetor came loose and the motor locked on me! So, I opened up the motor and noticed the head and piston was fine. I then turned the motor over with a ratchet onto the bolt of the chain drive and luckily it turned over but not in the smoothest way...... I came to the conclusion that something happened to the rings. Took the rings out and pedaled the bike with no rings and the piston went up and down no prob. Just ordered a set of rings and want to know how to install them correctly. So, at the end of the rings there is a slanted cut, as you all know, so my question is..... which side should face up? And does it apply to both of the rings? Also, I've been reading that the rings have to set at a certain place so that it doesn't move around. How do I set the rings?

    Help me out as I'm feeling the urge to get back on the bike ASAP.... it's been too long now.
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    Are you sure it's the rings?
    Did you check for potato's in the crankcase?

    The ring ends have a rounded shape which fits around the pins in the top of the ring grooves.
    The pins will be obvious if you look.
    On each side of the intake port.
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    hi tater,my name is mike,if you look carefully at the ring grove on the piston you will see 2 pins in the grove,the slant should be widest toward the pin,always put the piston with the pins toward the intake port,hope this helps
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