More small motorcycles are finally re-showing up in America - after 30+ yr absence


May 10, 2014
Too bad the SYM Wolf Classic (the version in america) - has those dumb cafe-racer bars, instead of decent CB125 ones ;-(. too bad they don't offer the European version of their Wolf with the higher bars. ;-/

At least Suzuki has gotten off thier ass and - after 45 yrs!!!!!! of selling trillions all over the world - except here of course - is offering FINALLY - the VanVan"200".......the markup is pretty offensive though. should be 3500 - not near 5k.

but beggers in the land of lead and lard, can't be choosy I guess.


and even Stella will soon offer their nice looking 400cc bike.

.........too bad about the Wolk though ;-/. They should offer thier Eurpean version here (with the american engine of course (150cc)

whats with the Cafe-racer craze anyway? - showed up only 5 yr ago. I want a UJM craze dammit!