Mileage app hurdlr


May 25, 2008
I have a courier biz and drive for Uber. So pretty much all my deductions for tax purposes is milage. Was looking around and tried 3 apps. All were free but 2 were free to try. There not much but annoyed me that they said free on google play when it was trialware and not truly freeware. Any way, tried hurdlr (properly spelled) But is actually free. Not sure for how much longer so if ya need something like this, good time to be got.

About the app. Ya download at Google play or the iStore, on your smartphone or tablet, device etc. It automatically starts recording miles when ya go over 10 MPH or can be set to when it connects to bluetooth devices or turned on manually. How ever you prefer in settings. My gas and accounts receivable bank account is linked to it. So any money, in or out that is business related is recorded in the app and ya then send a file to wherever you choose and your (my) taxes are done. That Is huge for me! I always forget to record expenses or log miles. This just does it all. My one stress about work was the bookkeeping. Really love that!

They just did a software upgrade (hehe, sound familiar?) and was asked, and happy to help and be a tester for upgraded software. But is a lot slicker now. The reason I was happy to help (PITB, being a software guinea pig normally) is they have been awesome helping me set up. Linking bank etc. In the app there is a help button. When ya click on it, a dialog box opens up and someone gets back to you really fast. It varies but sometimes instantly. And then they really help ya. Not just the obligatory "sorry for the inconvenience and our next available will be right with you within the next 10 years" type answer.

I have no connection with these folks other than being a customer. Just thought if ya need something like this, It works well. Love the help desk folks. And am a huge fan of free. wut? In looking for the link, saw they have set ups for many occupations that have to keep track of mileage.

Google play for Android;

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