Massachusetts Moped Law Changes


Oct 30, 2008
Boston, MA
There have been changed in the law regarding mopeds. It really applies to mopeds that go over 30. It will apply to me once i get the jackshaft installed.

The same legislation will also bring about significant changes for many a moped owner.

First, it will allow the Registry to issue, for the first time, license plates for mopeds that can travel faster than 30 miles per hour. A large number of mopeds fit this description, including several Vespa models.

Without license plates, police have been hard-pressed to tag moped operators for moving violations and parking offenses. (Mopeds are currently identified by small inspection stickers, which few pay attention to.)

The Registry would also have the authority to require moped operators to insure their vehicles. Alas, while such a requirement would hold moped drivers more accountable, it will also make driving a moped, a cost-efficient solution for urban commuters, more expensive.

The legislation, however, is not without benefit. Lots of mopeds can achieve speeds of 40 miles per hour, but under current laws, it's illegal to go faster than 25 miles per hour. The new legislation allows speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Stay alert for some new rules of the road - The Boston Globe

Here is the statue Senate Bill, No. 2898

I do plan on getting it plated.

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