Marine Engine Clutch?


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Dec 6, 2008
Hi guys,
I just bought a 50cc 2 stroke off of eBay for a fiver, and always wanted to mount an engine on a bike.

Apparently it hadn't been run in about 2 years, so after a little clean, and some fresh fuel, she fired first time. Its pretty light for an engine of it's size, and I've looked at various options for driving the bike..

Its a pre-war fold-away thing, and i thought I'd give it the light of day, after i found it abandoned in a hedge at the back of our garden.

I tried to build a friction drive, but it didn't prove to be the best option, i couldn't get it to work. I spoke to a mate, who gave me his old go-kart clutch, in need of springs. However; the clutch is for a 3/4 inch shaft, and the 2 stroke I've got has a 18mm thickness (I think), but it's tapered. So from 18 to like 8mm..

I was thinking of buying the clutch from a pocketbike (im not allowed to post the link)

clutch, and then the drum too, and use that; unless you guys can think of anything else?

I had another idea of removing the taper with a lathe, and then building a shaft extender, to fit the standard clutches from karts...
But i dont know if the clutch would be too heavy for the engine (cut in rpm's); she's only a 1.7hp. I dont know how its so small from a 50?

And then gearing..
Its just getting more of a problem tbh. But i think sorting the drive would be a start.

The only advantage that the engine has is that it's metric, and not imperial, like the Triumph Tiger Cub thats sitting in the garage ;)

Oh, and money is a bit of an issue, im only 16, and sitting A Levels just now..

Cheers for any help you guys can do,
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Jan 8, 2008
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Well it sounds like you have some good ideas to get you started....
50cc is more than enough to move you right along. Have you considered using a jackshaft roller set up like deacon used on his electric bike? It's easy on the shaft and can be made for a few bucks. Look under deacons thread about electric bikes here in the DIY forum.