Making a new build and wanting to make it perfect.


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Jan 9, 2021
I've build two bikes already, both 66cc from China. I am planning on selling both of them in the Spring/Summer to have the room and money to build a new faster one. I already have a few bikes I'm choosing from and I just want some help with choosing the motor, and some modifications I can do to it. I am hoping to stay at 66cc, but would like a higher quality motor. I do a lot of neighborhood riding with lots of short streets, so I'd need it to run smoothly in the low to mid range. I also ride my current bikes to work and school on main roads so I'd also need it to be able to comfortably reach higher speeds, hopefully around 55-60 km/h (34-37 m/h). My budget is around $1200 CAD, or around $1500 USD. The bikes I'm looking at cost between $250 and $400, so I'd have about $800 to $950 ($1000-1200 USD) left to spend on the motor and modifications. Any help would be greatly appreciated.