Magic pie as electric first kit

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    Dec 12, 2013
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    Hello everyone. Im normally in the 2 stroke kit area's and this is my first kit built bike. I was thinking of getting a magic pie kit. Perferably a 48volt 1000watt option. I dont really want a super fast bike just one i can use to get to work when my 2 stroke is down and a bike i can keep inside my apartment. My question is how reliable are these over long term use and weather? I dont wanna get one...i get cought in a rain storm and it fails on me.
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    Thats a cool thought, Lucajo. I really enjoy doing maintenance on MBs at night after work. Find it's like knitting or some thing. Very relaxing. Ya don't really want to work on any thing gas related. LoL, Carol would beat me to near death if I spilled fuel.

    Looking forward to the answers you get. I'm e-bike shopping, as well.

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