Made my christmas,or painting a kiddie bike in below freezing weather
Jul 22, 2008
I bought a kiddie bike at the thrift store for 5 bucks,then I stripped it of it's heavily scratched up paint. Then two coats of white enamel primer. Right there I realized that cold weather and spray paint does not mix. It's like that rough ceiling look when it hits the bare metal. It seems the cold hardens the paint as it goes to the metal and at best it orange peels like you wouldn't believe. So wet/dry sand paper done dry helps to smooth it out. Then when I was satisfied with the primer,4 coats of pink enamel dry sanding in between then 3 coats of lacquer clear coat.
I tell you with warmer weather it would go so much smoother. But I had a deadline.
Rest of the bike had all the bearings completely cleaned out. One bearing cage replaced with one from my parts pile because one bearing was a little indented and I have both wheels stuffed with the NoMoreFlats tubes from my bikes. Just trimmed to about an inch too big which filled up the tires nicely like someone pumped in 100 pounds of air in it installing it was a chore.
I figured this thread would go well in this section for it's about you CAN paint in the freezing cold it just takes more time but the other section is about Christmas being not about how much $$$ you spent but how much LOVE you put into something.
I tell you. My God Daughter is not exactly rich so she is in no way spoiled. She loved that bike so much she would not get off of it the whole time we were there.
That really made my Christmas.
Would a 30 cc 4 stroke work on that? .ride3



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Aug 19, 2008
Time well spent, we all rember our first bike. Mine was a old heavy schwinn with the horn in the tank, never worked because no batterys. But those smiles on the little ones faces are worth more then money can buy.

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
That was a warm hearted gesture LF.
That is one extremely happy looking child.

Christmas, and indeed the other 364 days of the year should be about love, and not money.
Job well done.


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Dec 7, 2008
You done what was needed you gave her a great looking little bike for her to ride.
And cost who cares when you see a smile like she has hey ! That alone is worth it.
I am doing about the same here my grandson wants a new bike so I have been working on him one I have all the parts and the weather got to cold for me to finish it so I am going to get it finish this spring the color will be red and white its going to have 15 speeds hope it puts a smile on his face too.Again great job you did and what a cute smile to go with it.