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    Aug 26, 2009
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    just sayin hi to all you fellow mad scientists out there .
    i seen some pretty awsome lookin machines in the photo section .
    i,m working on a 2.8 hp 4 stroke off a baja dirt bug ( thats a dootle bug to ya mericans )
    i,m puttin it on a west coast choppers bicycle . i dropped the front forks so the frame will only be about 3 inches from the ground . i plan on building a sidecar with pedals for it also
    let me tell ya , its gonna look sweet when its done .
    i just need to build the jackshaft and i am going to weld a large sprocket to the original coaster brake sprocket . then its tear down and paint .
    i,m not sure its a bicycle any more though , i took the pedals off and i,m making footpegs for it .
    i added a pic that i drew in paint wich is pretty much how it looks ( except for the hoosiers )
    soon as i take some actual pics , i,ll put em up .

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    Hi. Welcome to the Forum.
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    Oct 14, 2009
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    nice drrawing, i like the idea, im looking out for one of these bikes to do the same conversion, one question? wheres the straight pipe! haha nice work

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