Lower conrod bearing?



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Mar 5, 2008
Well I decided to replace-upgrade all the bearings in my Boygofast 70cc.After a mighty struggle I was able to separate the fly wheel which was probably a mistake giving that it will take a great deal of force and difficulty to reassemble and index the the opposing shafts at the same time.That is if I can even locate the bearing.It seems to be an oddball size (16x 21x10 caged needle bearing).I found a few vague references,scooter rod bearings but no "add to cart". Bicycle-engines.com sell the flywheel,rod,bearing and bushing all assembled for a 50cc at under $20.00.Now thats a deal!The only similar assembly for a 70cc.I could find was at Simpson motor bikes for a mere $100.00 lol.I doubt they're having any problem keeping them in stock.
Anyway,any leads in tracking down this bearing would be appreciated.Thanks,Ron