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    I finally got this build done. Client wants to pick up monday.
    66cc, ported cylinder and decked piston
    dellorto/sha clone carb running a .68 jet at 685ft. altitude
    performance CDI and coil
    tuned exhaust
    On my second day of running under 15 mph, for no more than 30min on 20:1
    When she idles its not quite a smooth tone. There is a high frequency popping/sputtering punctuating the regular idling.*
    When she accelerates the popping speeds up and becoms part of a not quite normal sound.
    She also seems low on power. However, and on hills only, the rougher sound quits intermittently and every time it does the bike starts to accelerate smoothly. Unfortunately that is the exception and not the rule.*
    How should I proceed with troubleshoot?
    Someone suggested running two gaskets at the base of the cylinder, or trying two head gaskets. Anyone hear of that before?
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    You've posted this same question in another thread. http://motorbicycling.com/showthread.php?t=55703
    Asking for more opinions in yet another thread is considered multiple or duplicate posting. Please refer to your original thread/question and wait for responses there.
    Thank you.

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