long muffler for a motorized bicycle



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Jan 29, 2008
Shelby MI
These are great little pipes. I have had one on my bike for a couple of years now and have talked to several guys who also picked them up. Grubee was selling these under the name "Poo Poo Pipe" (not a great name and probably the last time you will hear me call it that). Some of the guys that installed this pipe said that they could feel a bit more power, I can niether confirm or deny this statement, it feels the same to me. I do like having the noise moved behind me and it gives my bike a cool popping sound. Some things you should know are that you will probably have to bend the pipe to fit your bike and you can forget about using the kit chain tentioner. Here are a couple of pictures of mine just after I put it on...Kelly

The fit on mine was really tight, I was glad that my frame had a slight streach. The muffler tucked into the rear triangle and just fit before the dropout.