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    I am getting back to work mounting a 4 hp. Lawnboy in a Huffy Cranbrook frame. I have a 7 X 8" rectangle of 1/8" steel with a hole for the crank in the middle and mounting holes for the engine case and exhaust outlet. Each corner is rounded and a 3/8" hole each for mounting. 6" sched 80 1/4" pipe nipples are bent 90 degrees, one end chopped to be 2-1/2" from center of the opposite end. They are drilled and tapped to receive 3/8" mounting bolts. This centers the engine in the frame. Tonight I trial-fitted the plate in the frame and found they all are ample to be sawn for welding to frame with good engine position. A hole in the plate matches the exhaust port and will have the pipe attaching ell stack welded to it. I am dreading the job of cobbling an ell that is close to the plate for upward exit. Still considering using my Comet VST drive. I lucked into an offroad Mongoose MGX for $5,00 that furnished a telescopic front fork. Also got some nice wheels with 12 ga. spokes and nice tires for $20 with a coaster brake. The gooseneck has a 4 bolt clamp for the bars, so may use a bar with a crossbar just for the hallibut.
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    is you using a vertical shaft engine? pictures would be nice.

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