Keihin carb?


New Member
Sep 15, 2018
So i found this carburetor in a box in my garage after rummaging through old parts. I think its a 731 with 18mm inlet. Main is #80 and idle is #35. Any one know if it'll work? Tell me more about it cause finding anything about it has been nill.
Well long story short my 200cc got a new carb mikuni 30mm so the old pz28 made its way to the 125cc cause the 18mm wasn't doin it justice so i made the 28mm fit the 125cc and now it runs perfect. 125cc old carb which you see before you is what im wondering about. Having heard 18mm carb would be the perfect carb for a 66cc. I'm at a standstill not finding much about it any info welcome! I also heard #80-85 main and #20-25 idle is recommended but also I'm having trouble finding idle jet lower than #35 specifically for this carb. Maybe chinese knock off might have smaller idle jet that might fit??