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    Hi folks, I'm just a bit curious to know if'n anyone has motorized an early Rawleigh 3 speed bike with any success? I have one that I ride daily (human power) for exercise and pure enjoyment of the land. Thanks in advance, Martin 1940D28
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    What era?- they might vary in tube strength on that basis. The older it is, probably the stronger it is.

    It would probably motor- you might have frame clearance issues on the chain stays- and I'm not sure how a sprocket would mount with the wide 3 speed hub body-
    The top tube is probably pretty short when fitting a tank- may want a rack mount tank

    The advantage would be that the 26 x 1 3/8 tires are a really good roll. I have a certain fondness for those bikes although I never owned one myself- graduating right into the ten speed era- They are great commuting bikes and I've put my share of them together.
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