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    Apr 8, 2011
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    I did a lot of researching about 36T sprockets before i bought one, but i finally got it yesterday and i tried it out today.

    WOW - what a difference! going from a 50T sprocket (came with my kit), i noticed ALOT of performance effects.

    First thing i noticed, it did not rev as hard throughout my powerband, which overall kept the vibrations down and made for a much smoother ride.

    Acceleration is VERY sluggish, so much so i have to pedal a bit to help it on the lower end. Not much of a big deal, really.

    Top end is incredible, couldn't find a long enough stretch of road today to get it to redline. I'm not sure what speed i got it up to specifically but it was keeping up with the traffic, (roughly 60kmph)


    Seriously considering changing to a 40 or 42 tooth sprocket, however.
    I need more torque because there are a few hills around my area.

    TL;DR: Get it. It's good. One of the best bolt-on upgrades next to an expansion chamber.

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