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    Hello comrrades! I've traded in my piston for an electromagnet snd gas & oil for an outrageosly expensive battery. That's right I've gone electric. No more chinesium 2 stroke 'break down' every other ride noisy messy vibrating unreliable 2 smokers. I've been building the HT engine bikes since 2011 & while they are great fun I now find myself in need of something more reliable for commuting to work. Since 2011 I have accumulated 2 bikes and enough parts to build at least 3 working engines. I need the space and would like to recover some of what I spent on the electric bike. Ideally I'd sell to one person who would take everything but will consider all offers. I'm northeast of Seattle in Bothell, WA 98011 on top of Norway Hill on 104th Ave NE. listing everything I've got would be harder than listing that which I don't have. If it's an engine part I've got 4or5 of them. Mounting hardware, carbeurators, bananna pipes mufflers. Minigen max 12v. On one of the 2 bikes I've got turn signal, headlights, brake loght and Horn. Email me at [email protected] to set up a time to see it all. Thanks!

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